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Private Sauna room

Private Sauna room

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Private Sauna room

Our private SAUNA  is available for reservation.

(up to 5 people, hourly rental).


Price: min. 2 hours – 30€, every next hour price is -10 €

Working hours: pre-agreed time, till 23:00

Deposit: 25 euro

Reservation: Sauna reservation is available only upon prepayment.

Sauna towel rent  - 5 euro


NB!  Etiquette:

  • Smoking is not allowed. Fine min.50 euro
  • For broken glass, bottle in the sauna room – fine 35 euro
  • Client may rent the sauna room using own drinks and food
  • All hygiene requirements must be complied with before using the sauna
  • Always sit or lie on a towel in the sauna
  • It is not allowed to whisk oneself with sauna whisks in the sauna
  • It is not allowed to use body scrubs, honey, salt, oils etc.
  • It is not allowed to use drinks and food in the sauna room
  • Rehydrate. Drink plenty of water before and after


INFO –  Reservation:

ADMIN / e-mail: / tel. 56661283 / 55944855

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